Royal Garage Door went to the Clopay Reconnect Conference

Royal Garage Door is so excited to have gone to the Clopay Reconnect Conference in Palm Springs, Florida. We met dozens of different companies, hung out with tons of people from the Clopay Advisory Board, and we even got on a first name basis with many of the major leaders in Clopay’s corporate world.

Day one we landed in Palm Springs, FL, and we were shuttled to Eau Resort and Spa. We had lunch at the Ocean Breeze restaurant and got settled in. Following lunch we met with Clopay’s Entry Door leaders, for a one-on-one to help us improve our online ordering, quote system, and overall information on the new Entry Door options. Next we were whisked away to a new comer’s meeting. Since this was our first year at the Clopay conference we were met in a room by all of the Clopay employees and Clopay’s Advisory Board members. We chatted about the Kansas City Distribution Center and how things have been improved over the past two years.  Following the new comers meeting we had cocktails and dinner with over 400 people. We ate with a great group of people who came all the way from Canada, Mexico, and Hawaii! Eau Resort and Spa had amazing food and accommodations for the entirety of our trip. Clopay really treated us like royalty!

Day two was packed FULL of information. We had breakfast on the Ocean Terrace and met in the Grand Ballroom for a session discussing Clopay’s new manufacturing and building improvements that have taken place over the past year. Following the general session we had a Clopay business update showing us how overall business had improved for all of us and Clopay. Steve Lynch, the President of Clopay, was so enthusiastic about the progress and future of the company! We are so excited to see productivity increase because of all the amazing improvements they have made for the Clopay plant. Rodney Webb then gave a very inspirational speech on improving business, referrals, and how to make more money while making your customers happier. We then had a one on one session with Houzz University where we were advised on how to improve our Houzz presence. That evening we sat with amazing business owners at the Awards Ceremony and had cocktails by the ocean! While we were on the terrace by the beach we even saw a Leatherhead sea turtle come up onto the beach and lay her eggs. This business trip truly felt like a vacation!

Day three was filled with more amazing food and a complimentary Resort Spa experience! We had full body massages, thanks to Clopay’s amazing generosity, and spent the entire day in hot tubs, saunas, private cabanas, and nothing but relaxation! That evening we shuttled to Lafayette’s Music Room for an evening of live music, dancing, and a great time. Upon arriving back at the resort we met some hilarious business owners, and we all had a great time in the Resorts lounge on our last night there.

Day four we had breakfast, walked the beach collecting sea shells for the boys, swam in the pool, and packed our bags. It was terribly difficult to leave such a beautiful resort and Clopay’s accommodations, but it definitely motivates us to up our business over the next year so we can go to Austin, TX for the next Clopay conference in 2017! Clopay truly rewards you and acknowledges the work we do for both our own company and theirs.

We made so many great friends and connections at the CLC gathering! This experience was great for us, but we are hoping it will be even better for our customers. We left with so much valuable information. Now that we know so many people in the Advisory Board and Clopay’s Corporate Office we should have every answer to every question or concern our customer’s may have. Plus having such great support and drive from such a beautiful company is indescribable.

We hope to see even more new faces next year and to reconnect with all of the same friends from this year. Thank you Clopay for your amazing generosity!

Royal Garage Door

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