Replacing your Garage Door is the Best Home Improvement for less than $5,000

A recent newspaper article exposed the importance of curb appeal and the value garage doors can add to your home. A study in the Remodeling Magazine’s 2014 Cost vs. Value Report showed that a new garage door delivers the highest return on investment in any home improvement project under $5,000. This exhaustive annual study uses input from nationwide Realtors to compare the average cost for 35 popular remodeling projects against the value of those projects retained at resale. The only improvement project that ranked higher than a new mid-range to upscale garage door replacement was a mid-range entry door replacement. However, the curb appeal of an entry door cannot be compared to the impact a front-facing two-car garage door. If you think of it, how much surface area does your garage door cover on the front of your home compared to your front door? For most, with a two-car garage, the area is almost six times larger!

In the past, new entry doors were always suggested for replacement by realtors, but let’s face it… we live in a different day and age now where we are always on the go in our vehicles. When was the last time you used your front door? Do you even have a key? If you have a key, do you know where it is? *Cough cough Eric doesn’t* Today, we can control, check, open, and close our garage doors from our smart phones, tablets, and laptops. We even have openers small enough to fasten to your motorcycle!

According to Gale Steves, former editor-in-chief of Home Magazine, “The most noticeable architectural element of today’s home is the garage door.” Steves suggests that whether you plan to stay in your home or move, to improve its value you must focus on the curb appeal of the home making it as attractive as possible from the street. She suggests making the upgrade from an old garage door to a new carriage style door that offers attractive styling that complements the home’s unique character.

In the 2014 Cost vs. Value Report, the typical cost for an upscale garage door was $2,791 and it delivered an estimated value of $2,315 to the sale of the home. This equates to an 83% return on investment! A mid-range garage door replacement had a $1,534 cost with a value at sale of $1,283. An 84% return on investment! The report also states that in several cities and regions, an upscale garage door returned more than 100% of its cost.

In a separate nationwide study, more than 71% of Realtors felt that an attractive new garage door added as much as 4% of the selling price. In a $250,000 home, that bumps the price by $10,000! Which means that a new garage door can more than pay for itself!

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