Genie LED bulb–11 things to know!

NEW Genie Garage Door Opener LED Bulb—11 things you need to know!

  1. A huge complaint about common LED and CFL bulbs is that they can create radio wave interference with the range of the garage door opener remotes. The Genie LED bulb has eliminated/reduced opener remote interference with exclusive radio frequency LED bulbs.
  2. Another common issue we see our customer facing is that garage door openers vibrate during operation. This vibration shortens the life span of normal bulbs by putting extra strain on the delicate filaments, causing your bulbs to require changing more frequently. Genie’s LED bulb can withstand 5G of shaking force, which exceeds that of what normal garage door openers vibrating force is.
  3. The materials that went into making this bulb are shatter resistant! Making the Genie LED bulb even more durable!
  4. Genie’s new LED bulb is cold weather tested to -30C/-22F and they lose no effectiveness or brightness at or above these temperatures. Most of the general population does not have a heated garage that stays as warm as the rest of the home. These cold temperatures can make light bulbs ineffective and can lower their lighting effectiveness.
  5. Being damp location tested is also another advantage homeowners can experience when purchasing the new Genie LED bulb. Depending on home location and building materials used in their attached/detached garages, garage door openers can experience high levels of humidity and dampness. With the Genie LED bulb, this is no longer a problem to plague your lighting problems!
  6. LED bulbs are widely popular due to their energy saving technology. The Genie LED bulb offers energy savings while also not sacrificing any brightness! Genie LED bulbs operate for an estimated 25,000 hours, and the bulb supplies 800 lumens of light.
  7. The Genie LED bulb, while equivalent to a 60 watt bulb, only uses about 10 watts of power! Which ends up only costing homeowners about $1.07/year.
  8. Any garage door opener capable of using a light bulb is compatible with the Genie LED light bulb! Genie’s LED bulb is not exclusive to the Genie brand openers. Add this LED bulb to any opener you own!
  9. There is a 3-year limited warranted on the Genie LED bulb, giving homeowners even more security and confidence in their purchase!
  10. The only slight downfall of the Genie LED bulb is that it is not dimmable, but no garage door openers offer this control of the light anyway.
  11. You can purchase the Genie LED bulb directly through us! Royal Garage Door is one of only 10 professional dealers within 50 miles of the KC Metro. That being said, Royal Garage Door is also one of only five Gold Genie Pro Dealers in the area—giving you even more confidence in our services to you. Give us a call today!

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Royal Garage Door Team