Saying Goodbye to Guillain-Barre!

Royal Garage Door is a family-owned, small business working out of Lenexa, KS, that services the KC Metro area. Earlier this year, our family got hit hard with some medical news that Nakai and Eric’s son, Trevor, was paralyzed and was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome. You can read about the whole journey here —>>>                                                 

However, we have an AMAZING update to give all of our business followers. Trevor has regained all mobility, reflexes, and as of 2pm on July 20th, 2017, Trevor has been declared RESOLVED of Guillain-Barre Syndrome! *JUMPING UP AND DOWN* This journey has been challenging, but we are so proud of how strong Trevor has been and what he has overcome. Now, GBS is tricky. It is not completely known as to why it happens to some, and how the causes are different for most people who develop GBS. Being 7 months out from diagnosis, the chances of him having the chronic version (CIDP-chronic inflammatory demeyelinating polyneuropathy) is extremely slim. There is also no way to 100% way to say he will never have the disorder return again. That being said, most (98%) never see a reoccurance.

So please, jump up and down with us, and congratulate Trevor in his amazing physical feats. Thank you all for your continued support.


Royal Garage Door