Royal Garage Door New Year News

Hello friends!

2017 has been such an amazing year so far for Royal Garage Door. Some of you may have heard on our Facebook and Twitter pages, but we FINALLY have a physical store front location now! This will allow us so much more awesome space. We will have a receptionist area, an office for Gary, a place to show displays (we are setting up a BEAUTIFUL Canyon Ridge display this week!), a parts room, a springs/track/openers room, and a HUGE warehouse to store garage doors and everything we recycle from our jobs! It is truly the biggest step we have taken as a company, and we are more than excited to be able to offer this for our customers! We can store more doors, pick them up right when they are available, and even be able to keep some small inventory for basic doors we install frequently down the line. Our new location is at 13920 W 108th St, Lenexa KS 66215! We won’t always be there, so make sure you call first (913) 438-7305. Below are some pictures of Nakai’s favorite doors we installed over the past two months! Let us know which ones are you favorite! 

The winter is almost over, and today is even 60 degrees outside! We hope that each of you are having an amazing start to your 2017. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you!

p.s. follow us on Facebook for an official date for our Open House!