Brand New Website!

Hello Friends!

First off I wanted to thank all of the loyal customers, companies, and friends that use our company and refer us every day. You guys rock. In this blog post, I want to explain (mostly give excuses) as to why there was a large gap in our social media and blog post presence for the past year or so. However, I assure you that we are back, and I promise to keep you interested with all sorts of fun!

Back in August of 2018, Royal Garage Door went on a COMPLETE website overhaul! Our website was previously created in July 2013. 2013! Guys, do you realize the differences in how the internet in general looked between 2013 and 2018?! Anyway… we kept absolutely NOTHING of the old website! Every bit of code, picture, and text was given a face lift! Hours and hours of work was dedicated to this website, and Lifted Logic was absolutely fantastic. I just love Emma and Adam (Lifted Logic Owners) and their team. August of 2018 is also when I, Nakai, started working in the office instead of just working from home. When I was working from home, I was better able to manage the online/social media presence because social media is all that I was responsible for. After entering the office, I learned how to use Quickbooks, manage scheduling multiple trucks, and answering phones all the while having a 5 year old running around the office. I loved feeling like I was learning something new, and I quickly also took on receiving, bill pay, invoicing, deposits, and collections.

Our website took us until June 2019, which was nearly 11 months, to finalize everything. Eleven months of meetings, writing content, taking/updating pictures (which this still needs more work when I look back through it), and Lifted Logic writing new code to get our website complete. The code that took the longest to write and perfect was the auto-updating information that pulled from Clopay directly. So, if there was a new color offered in a specific collection, our website would reflect that update. We LOVE our new website, and I feel that I have done it a disservice to have not updated it monthly like I had intended to.

In June of 2019, Eric and I were in FULL REMODEL mode in our shop. From August 2018-May 2019, I would work mornings while our youngest was in preschool, and then go home to take care of him. Starting in June, both of our young children, were home for the summer. Which meant, bringing my delightful children into work with me. Let me tell you, there is nothing like answering phones while giving your children that *mommy is losing her ever loving mind* look, while trying to keep a decent customer service voice. So, in June, Eric and I decided that we would move our parts room shelving, that was a room behind my office, up onto our mezzanine. Our mezzanine previously only housed our openers, opener rails, and some track. It is a HUGE storage area, and it looks beautiful now. However, this relocating of nearly every single part we use took a lot of after-hours work and sweat. June and July were especially hot in our non-air conditioned warehouse. We were just about finished up in mid-July.

July 2019, I was coming into work about 4 days a week while our children were able to play in their new empty room. This play room for the boys eventually got a desk, a few containers of legos/marbles/cars, and a TV for when I needed silence for whatever the day had in store. The kids finally started school again in August 2019, and our youngest was in school in the afternoon. This “freedom” in the afternoon was when I would head back into the office, and the mornings were filled with fundraiser work for our kids’ elementary school. I am the PTO Treasurer for their school, and just like any elementary school… the PTO is understaffed. Don’t get me wrong, we have great PTO members and staff that assists us in the school, but during fundraisers, we all take on a very large load.

Fundraisers, spirit wear sales, etc were all finished up at the end of September 2019, just in time for our youngest’s birthday. Our school’s principal was then diagnosed with an extremely rare form of Neuroendocrine cancer. Our PTO sold shirts, bracelets, and pins in support, and tried to show our love for him in the ways that we could. While he was off for his scans and appointments, we would open the car doors in the mornings at drop-off, because that is always how he showed his love for all of his kids. We did another large fundraiser in the beginning of December 2019 to fund part of the field trips, class parties, and teacher grants for our Title 1 school. However, before that fundraiser/auction happened, plenty of preparation took place as well as the PTO sponsoring a teacher appreciation meal during parent-teacher conferences. Then, it was Thanksgiving, after that was Christmas and New Years. I felt like I was drowning, and yet, once the end of January came around PTO was planning the school’s Valentine’s Day parties. 

Then, in the end of February, I finally felt like I had my life in order. *Thank Thor* Needn’t worry, something popped up. My best friend’s mother was placed on hospice, and when I went to visit her I got a speeding ticket (when I didn’t even realize I was speeding). My own mother then had a routine 3-D face scan done at her dentist’s office to get a new crown, and they found a mass, so she has a facial scan with the radiologist to find out if it is cancer in March. Eric’s birthday is in March while my oldest’s and my own birthdays are April. We go on a Clopay vacation in May, and then we will be in summer again in June. Kids out of school, them coming to work with me every day.

I say all of this to just give excuses as to why I haven’t kept up with our website. I apologize to everyone who enjoyed our blog posts in the past. In my free time since we began this website overhaul, I spent time with family and friends off of my computer. I had just felt too overwhelmed, and Royal Garage Door’s website got the back-burner. Unfortunately, that has lost us our Google standings. We no longer pop-up when someone Google searches “garage door repair” or “Overland Park garage door service” or really ANY number of searches when we used to be in the top 5. So here we are. I have taken the first step, a rambling step, but a first step in getting our company back up in SEO and Google searches.

If you read all of this, bless you. Thank you for being a part of our small, local, family business!

With love always,

Office & Social Media Manager
Royal Garage Door